Json Vieaux

Grammy Winner

"...perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation.” NPR

"…among the elite of today’s classical guitarists.” Gramophone                      

Jason Vieaux"there was something special about the way Vieaux handled the Prelude, Fugue and Allegro, BWV 998 that I have difficulty articulating. It was more than just the natural smoothness and utterly rhythmic command with which he executed it; it was also the deep feeling he communicated with little vibrato touches throughout. He is a truly special player." – Classical Guitar Magazine

"The second movement [of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez], 'Adagio,' was exquisitely contemplative. It is a long movement, and not dramatic, but Vieaux demonstrated the profundity of emotion that can come from restraint." – The Columbus Dispatch

"Vieaux’s encore, a capriccio from his most recent recording, was a lesson in artistry, with his inflection on the guitar almost identical to that of the human voice." – The Columbus Dispatch

"It has become commonplace for nearly all guitarists, when playing with a string quartet, to employ some sort of amplification as many proclaim it is otherwise impossible to be heard. Vieaux not only played unplugged and still was heard as well as the others, but he was playing without a score and the quartet was definitely not holding back for the plucking guy." – Classical Voice of North Carolina

"Grammy winner Jason Vieaux then took the stage, playing Dan Visconti’s The Devil’s Strum. I have never seen anyone play a guitar with such range and skill. He used the entire length of the guitar from bridge to neck, hands all over. At several points he tuned a few strings while playing!" – Philly Review

“Vieaux is certainly one of the best classical guitarists before the public today. He is indeed a great artist on his instrument, playing with nuance, great confidence and musicality." – Sarasota Observer

“Vieaux proved to be an ideal soloist, playing fast music (especially in the Spanish-flavored finale) with dash and slow passages with warm feeling.” [Leshnoff Guitar Concerto].” – American Record Guide

“With an exquisitely hushed orchestra to back him, Vieaux played this intimate rhapsodic and intensely romantic three-movement work beautifully. His unamplified tone rang clearly through Dana Auditorium, and his impeccably clean technique elucidated this somewhat meandering piece.” – Greensboro News & Record

“Vieaux ... makes everything look and sound easy. An uncommonly relaxed figure onstage, he seems immersed entirely in the moment. Every note comes out fully formed, but nothing he does feels premeditated, and the music, just a little understated, speaks eloquently for itself.” – Washington Post

"... Jason Vieaux's account [of Ginastera's Guitar Sonata] is superb. He glides through the technical challenges of the Scherzo with playful ease and moulds the curt, angular phrase of the slow movement into a richly expressive, lyrical whole." – Gramophone

"Vieaux - whose bell-like tones, clarity and warmth, precision and expressiveness have become his signature - had an uncanny ability to bring to life Visconti's enormous vocabulary of world music both ancient and modern.... Vieaux also joined the RSO for Antonio Vivaldi's well-known Guitar Concerto in D Major, with only 13 strings and a keyboard set on harpsichord, in an exceptional performance of this classic." – Reading Eagle

“This terrific guitarist, a Philadelphia favorite, worked wonders with Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez: in place of flamenco-fied fire, he played with elegance and fine-tuned precision. The fastest passages were distinct and clear; the subtlety with which he varied dynamics and timing from note to note was a marvel.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Every great artist (and many not so great, of course) makes an album like this at some point: the greatest hits – pieces often played as encores – the ones everyone loves. But few such discs possess the combination of virtuosity and beauty of Jason Vieaux’s contribution to the genre. These much loved pieces are played as well as one can ever hope to hear them, whether the music calls for the overt virtuosity of Sagreras’ El colibri or the melting lyricism of Stanley Myers’ Cavatina. The works are presented in a program that, despite the procession of relatively brief unrelated works, is eminently listenable. If you ever want to give a friend a disc that will cement his or her love for the guitar, this is a perfect candidate. Very highly recommended.” – Soundboard Magazine

“You’d be hard pressed to find versions performed with more confidence, better tone, and a more complete understanding of the material. If you’re new to classical guitar, Play serves as an excellent introduction to some of the genre’s most popular pieces, and even if you’re familiar with the material, Vieaux’s virtuoso playing will keep you engaged.” – Premier Guitar

“Classical guitarist Jason Vieaux's new recording Play is not only like pop iTunes, it is part of the revitalized interest in the classical guitar.” – The Huffington Post

“Play is a sort of greatest-hits collection from the fine American guitarist Jason Vieaux. Much of the material is Spanish or South American in origin, a particular forte of Vieaux’s, as demonstrated in two Café Concerts that he has given at WQXR. Pieces like El Colibri and Danza Caracteristica are displays of dexterity and rhythmic agility; others, such as Cavatina (taken from the 1978 film “The Deerhunter”) show a lyrical elegance and feel for the instrument's many colors. Vieaux has a particular knack for accentuating the music's tangy chord changes, as he does in the fusion groove of Sunburst or his own bluesy arrangement of In a Sentimental Mood.” – WQXR (Album of the Week)

“Vieaux can stretch a chord like taffy, while letting each component note sparkle…There was such melancholy in Vieaux's playing [2nd movement]...As for the cadenza, it was fleet and prismatic in the hands of Vieaux, whose fingers rained color and clarity.” - San Jose Mercury News

"...Few guitarists stray far from the Bach lute suites, represented here by the Suite in E minor that ended Vieaux's program, his slim, fat-free, forthright sound being a clear vehicle for his artistic intentions. His playing has conceptual solidity with his tempo relationships. Instead of constantly beautifying the musical surfaces, he uses vibrato and color for interpretive points when most demanded, and with particularly arresting effect, in part because your ears don't take them for granted.” - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Kondonassis and Vieaux deserve to be termed magicians for the way they shaped phrases with natural fluidity, grace and, when required, fiery drama. " - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"...one of America's premier guitarists...Notes shone with different weights and hues; melodies were alive and recalled the nuanced beauty of light reflecting off a string of pearls...Vieaux's performance spun magic. Rarely has a single instrument so clearly painted such cinematic vistas and searching introspection." - Fort-Worth Star-Telegram

"Vieaux gave the Prelude, Fugue and Allegro (BWV 998) a stately, sharply articulated and subtly driven reading, 
in which the closing Allegro gradually took on the exciting qualities of a perpetual-motion piece." - New York Times

"a substantially gifted guitarist whose playing revealed equal portions of stylistic elegance and technical polish." - Baltimore Sun

"Vieaux opened ears with his rhythmic clarity and remarkable left-hand facility....He made the single guitar seem like a body of instruments at work in music full of the emotion of loss." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Jason Vieaux [was] nimble-fingered in a Vivaldi Concerto that was remarkable for its variety of colors." - Boston Globe

"Guitarist Vieaux excelled in its flamenco-style flourishes, ethereal high notes and spiraling passage work." - San Diego Union Tribune

"Vieaux showed why he is among the most talented guitarists of his generation, a player whose effortless technique and fluidity gave the concerto a singing voice." - Tampa Tribune 

"Vieaux was first-class. One movement on Ponce's concierto del sur made me want to hear more of his work, such was the range of sounds he drew from his instrument." - New Zealand Herald

“One of the youngest stars of the guitar world…” - New York Times

"Vieaux's talent is so huge, and has been apparent for so long... He is still the most accomplished guitarist I have heard with my own ears, and that's a list that starts with Segovia." - Absolute Sound

“I have never heard anyone with Vieaux ’s subtlety. Vieaux ’s articulation is faultless and more importantly, it is endlessly varied. Sitting there stolid and placid, he radiates concentration. He plays melodies and accompaniments simultaneously, immediately distinguishable from each other. His playing is clear without being dry. And he has a tremendous dynamic range. Just to hear him play something simple, like a scale, is a delight” - The Buffalo News

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